Datum Site Services

At Datum we carry out GPS surveying works with the utmost diligence. We take care to ensure proficiency. Our site surveys present you with data that is accurate and reliable. We use of the latest geomantic technology, which includes robotic surveying instruments, GPS surveying instruments, and one-man stations. We believe in excellent customer service and thus provide them with the correct data and solution for all their land-surveying projects.

Our Techniques and Equipment make us Market leaders.

We excel at working with the latest software. Our advanced software produces accurate data in any format that is entered. It can work on AutoCAD for all measurements related to land survey types, for example, DTM, calculation of area and volume, digital three-dimensional terrain models, sections and setting out schedules, etc. Such equipment has been specially designed to produce reliable results in land survey measurements.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Datum GPS land surveying provides one of the best, up to date and the most modern surveying techniques. The aiding devices that we use record the exact positions of the coordinates, according to the national coordinate system. Our surveyors are always kept updated on the latest technologies. They can avail the services of the many new infrastructures with the help of the wide variety of up to date surveying equipment that we provide them.

At Datum, we aim at setting out to serve you the best regarding all matters that relate to GPS land survey and other topographic land and measured surveys.